Friday, February 19, 2010

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This week, The Borrowed Book is giving away THREE great books:

The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk by Shelly Beach ~ We speak to ourselves at a rate of 1,300 words per minute, making constant assessments and judgments often filtered through sinful and selfish agendas. Women acknowledge that they are particularly vulnerable to this temptation and dangers of self-talk as they compare and judge themselves against others.The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk provides a readable narrative and practical tools that help readers surface the inner conflicts that churn below the waterline of their awareness. These dialogues can make them blind to the Scriptural truth that the vision they hold of themselves and the reality of their walk in Christ are often polar opposites. Shelley explores real-life examples and includes tools to assist in the spiritual disciplines of self-assessment, repentance, commitment, and transformation.

The Call of Zulina by Kay Marshall Strom ~ WEST AFRICA, 1787: Grace Winslow, daughter of a mixed marriage between an English sea captain and an African princess, is swept up in a slave revolt after she escapes the family compound to avoid an odious betrothal. As the truth about the fortress Zulina unfolds, Grace begins to grasp the brutality and ferocity of the family business--the capture and trade of slaves. Despite being held for ramsom, viciously maimed and threatened with death, Grace casts her lot with the African captives. She is especially moved by the African Cabeto's passion and willingness to sacrifice anything, including his own life, for his people's freedom. Leaning on the faith of her nanny Mama Muco, Grace risks everything to follow her heart.

Walking on Broken Glass by Christa Allan ~ Leah Thornton’s life, like her Southern Living home, has great curb appeal. But a paralyzing encounter with a can of frozen apple juice in the supermarket shatters the fa├žade, forcing her to admit that all is not as it appears. When her best friend gets in Leah’s face about her refusal to deal with her life, Leah is forced to make an agonizing decision. Can she sacrifice what she wants to get what she needs? Joy, sadness, and pain converge, testing Leah’s commitment to her marriage, her motherhood, and her faith.

Winners will be announced on Saturday, 02/20/10.


  1. Hi! Just droppin' in to say I am a follower, but please only enter me to win the Call of Zulina. I already have Walking on Broken Glass! Thanks so much. :)


  2. I am a follower already and I would love to be entered in the drawing for Walking On Broken Glass:) Thanks so much!!


  3. You've got it, ladies!! You're entered. Winners will be announced Saturday. Stay tuned...

  4. I find so many great books to read through Christian blogs and am glad to see yours, Elizabeth. I have both Kay and Christa's books on my wish list and would love to read either one. Thank you so much for the chance to win a copy. I'm also a follower.

    cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

  5. Welcome, Carole. Best of luck to you!

  6. Any books are fine for me ,since i haven't had any of them :)


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