Friday, May 27, 2011

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This week, The Borrowed Book is giving away:

White Doves by Shannon Taylor Vannatter ~ Romance wasn't what Laken had in mind. Laken Kroft left home eight years ago and never looked back. Who knew when she applied for the promotion to postmaster that she'd end up in Romance, Arkansas, and much too close to her parents, the town drunk and the local gossip maven? Hayden Winters has his hands full raising his paraplegic nephew, Brady, and wrestling with his guilt over having caused the child's injury. When the boy's father, Laken's brother, turns up and starts talking cusody, Laken's influence is Hayden's only hope. But whose side is she really on? Will their mutual bond with their sever-year-old nephew draw them closer or rip them asunder? Will Laken accept Hayden :Signed, Sealed, Delivered?' or be forced to turn her back on him and 'Return to Sender'?

Jewel of Persia by Roseanna M. White ~ How can she love the king of kings without forsaking her Lord of lords?

Kasia grew up in a poor Jewish home with more siblings than luxuries. But when a chance encounter forces her to the palace of Xerxes, she becomes a concubine to the richest man in the world. She alone, of all Xerxes' wives, loves the man beneath the crown. She alone, of all his wives, holds the heart of the king of kings.

Traveling with Xerxes through Europe as he mounts a war against Greece, Kasia knows enemies surround her, but they re not the Spartans or Athenians. The threat lies with those close to the king who hate her people. She determines to put her trust in Jehovah even if it costs her her marriage.

Years of prayers are answered when Kasia's childhood friend arrives at the palace after the war, but even as she determines to see Esther crowned in place of the bloodthirsty former queen, she knows the true battle is far from over. How far will her enemies go to see her undone?

Combining the biblical account of Esther with Herodotus's Histories, Jewel of Persia is the story of a love that nearly destroys an empire . . . and the friendship that saves a nation.

Promise of Time by S. Dionne Moore ~ Visit Johnstown, PA right before the devastating flood of 1889. Travel to Greencastle, PA/Mercersburg, PA, 1885, for a taste of life after the Civil War. Last stop, Gettysburg 1863. Listen as Abraham Lincoln gives the Gettysburg Address. Three women discovering the promises of tomorrow and yesterday, and the healing of time.

nners will be announced on Saturday, 05/28/11.


  1. Please enter me!!
    Thank you so much!!
    Lisa Nelson

  2. I'd love a chance to win! Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    kari_linder at hotmail dot com

  3. Thanks for entering, Lisa. Good luck!

  4. I would love a chance to win. I especially would love The Promise of Time and Jewel of Persia! Great selections! Thanks!

    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  5. thanks for the opportunity to read these fabulous novels...would love to read 'jewel of persia'

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  6. I can post! Yippee! Blogger is letting me post again. *kissing the walls* Yes, I know I'm weird. Normal is not my usual state of mind. Ask Lisa.

  7. Well...I would tease you, Sandra, but I felt exactly the same way. LOL!

    Carmen and karenk, thanks for stopping by. Good luck!

  8. I already own Roseanna's new book, but I would love to win either of the others. Promise of Time looks REALLY good! :-D

    ~ Katy

  9. Promise of Time is really good. Don't you doubt it. That S. Dionne gal, she's way cool and a great writer.

    *this commercial is paid for by the S. Dionne Moore/Author-alms-for-the-poor fund*

  10. Please enter me. Thanks so much!


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