Friday, June 24, 2011

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This week, The Borrowed Book is giving away:

The Story in the Stars by Yvonne Anderson ~ The inhabitants of the planet Gannah are known as bloodthirsty savages who once tried to conquer the galaxy. Now a plague has ravaged the planet and only one survivor remains, a young woman named Dassa.

Pik, the doctor from the League of Planets assigned to her case, hates everything Gannahan and wishes every last one of its people had died. Bereft of everything she’s ever known, Dassa clings to her God and the story he has written in the stars. He has given her an assignment: to return to Gannah and replenish it with a new race of people.

But she must first overcome the prejudice of the entire galaxy and recruit her de facto enemy, Pik, to help her.

Broken Wings by Carla Stewart ~ Onstage, the singing duo of Gabe and Mitzi Steiner captured America's heart for more than two decades. Offstage, their own hearts have throbbed as one for sixty years. Only now, Gabe has retreated into the tangles of Alzheimer's, leaving Mitzi to ponder her future alone.

On the other side of Tulsa, everyone believes Brooke Woodson has found the perfect man--a handsome lawyer with sights on becoming Tulsa's next District Attorney. If only Brooke felt more sure. If only her fiancé could control his anger. If only love didn't come with so many scars.

When an accident lands Brooke in the hospital where Mitzi volunteers, the two women quickly develop an unlikely friendship birthed by providence and bathed in grace. And with Mitzi's help, kindness, and insight, Brooke learns how to pick up the broken pieces of her life.

God's Shelter For Your Storm by Sheila Walsh ~ In a world of uncertainty, pain, and struggle, where do you go to find solid and steadfast assurance?

Gifted Women of Faith® speaker Sheila Walsh offers powerful, heart-filled teaching on ten bedrock promises of God, providing the foundation for daily living with confidence, hope, and joy. Sheila unveils principles that provide unshakable security during even the most difficult times by weaving her hallmark storytelling, personal experiences, and applicable Scripture to help readers gain a trust in God that will sustain them for a lifetime.

Winners will be announced on Saturday, 06/25/11.


  1. Oh! I don't have Broken Wings yet!!!

  2. would love to read 'broken wings' or sheila walsh's latest...thanks for the chance :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  3. Thank you for showcasing gifted authors such as these three! I just saw Sheila Walsh on James Robison speaking about her "ten bedrock promises of God." Amen!
    Thank you Sandra, for allowing us readers & writers to win a copy of the aforementioned books! You are so appreciated.
    I would love to win God's Shelter For Your Storm!

    PS~ I was just thinking about where you live, the Cumberland Valley is so beautiful.
    What if you wrote for Summerside, like "Love Finds You in Cumberland Valley", talking about the fertile farming area & how it's not so cumbersome. It sounds good, I'd read it! :)

  4. I loved Carla's first book, but haven't had a chance to read Broken Wings yet. I'm sure it's awesome.

    fictionfan1 at me dot com

  5. Thanks, Gina, Karen, Lex, and Vickie. Wish we could give a book to each of you. Hope whoever the winner is will let me know how you liked it.

  6. Thank you all for entering. Good luck!


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