Monday, September 19, 2011

At the risk of infringing upon Sandra's poll posts, I put together a short survey to see what sorts of genres/styles of books you enjoy most. (I'll admit it - I had a little bit of "writer's block," and a survey seemed like a fun way out of that scary place...) Plus, I've been focusing more on reviews this month, with reviews of a children's book and an autobiography posted the last two Mondays and a YA review to come soon.

So, I'd like to know if you're enjoying these varied reviews or if you're longing for some more romance, suspense, etc. Don't be shy! (And pardon the survey title... "Genre Gelato" just sounded really cool, although we're probably all going to start craving some sort of frozen dessert after this!)


  1. Love the title, Amber! I think I checked nearly everything fiction. LOL.

  2. Kav,

    Thank you! ;) And good to know you enjoy such a variety of fiction - of course, I guess I already knew that... ;)



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