Wednesday, June 13, 2012

After reading the following article from Good Housekeeping, A Fortnightly Journal,Vol. 7-May 12, 1888, to Oct. 27, 1888, I am very grateful for my shampoo and conditioner. Not to mention my nice hairbrush, blow dryer, and regular visits to my hairdresser.

Frequent brushing of the hair is recommended for its improvement. The scalp should be made to glow with the vigorous use of a stiff bristled brush, and a thorough brushing before going to bed at night is considered to be of the utmost importance. This gives gloss and softness, and long hair is in special need of it. Sage tea was an old fashioned remedy for wetting the scalp and preventing the hair from falling out and it is still regarded as excellent. Ammonia and borax are both used as invigorators of the hair, but they should be used only in small quantities, or they will do more harm than good, for too much ammonia will inflame the scalp and too much borax will make the hair dry and brittle. Nor is soap good for the hair. The scalp may be cleansed with the yolk of an egg, beaten in very little water, and rubbed well into the scalp, where it should be allowed to dry and afterwards rinsed off with lukewarm water containing a little ammonia. After the hair has been wet it should be thoroughly dried before going to bed and before going out into the open air. The scratching and irritating of the scalp with a sharp-toothed comb should be avoided and the same danger is to be looked out for in the use of a metallic brush.


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