Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year's Eve, dear readers!

In honor of the new year, I'm going to put my on-again, off-again feature, "Where the Past Meets the Present" (which has been more "off-again" than "on-again"!), to rest and start up a new feature: "May I Borrow From Your Book?"

"Where the Past Meets the Present" was a feature geared for writers, where I gleaned writing tips from the classics I read and shared them with all of you. I started it when I was still in college - i.e., when I was reading more classics.

"May I Borrow From Your Book?" will be a feature geared more for readers, although it should hopefully encourage writers, as well. =) Writing letters to characters and/or authors is nothing new, but here's the twist: the letters will be all about borrowing (continuing the theme of our blog title!). Examples: borrowing an author's ability to create fantastic worlds in order to do better on a school project; borrowing the hero for a day in order to have a gentleman-ly escort to a dance; borrowing the heroine's pet in order to have a bit of comfort on a lonely evening; etc. These letters can be funny or serious, sweet or sassy, short or more in-depth. My hope is that the letters will be entertaining or inspiring to read and will show appreciation to authors - and to the Lord for giving us creativity!

I'll plan on doing this every other week (as long as I don't run out of ideas or time, LOL!), and I hope you have fun reading them! It would be really awesome if you'd like to submit a letter of your own to be posted here, as well! You can e-mail me at with your letter or any questions you might have.

Oh, and on the weeks I'm not posting about this feature, I'll probably be posting book reviews or doing a book-spotlight, as usual!

Today's letter is for author Lena Goldfinch regarding her novella, The Language of Souls:

Dear Lena,

As 2013 is peeking around the corner at me, would you mind terribly if I borrowed your knack for combining simple but powerful imagery with such a tender romance? I keep setting my WIP to the side - after writing a difficult scene, it's hard to get started again. But in the new year I want to continue it, and your sweet and evocative writing style inspires me. 

I love how you fit so much adventure and heart into a shorter story! I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love for you to write more novellas like this... In which case, perhaps I could just borrow your imagination for about a week? That should be enough time to kick-start some sort of writing schedule again! After that, I'm sure you'll want it back so you can keep blessing others with it. =)


You can purchase The Language of Souls in e-book or paperback format at  (The e-book is currently only $.99!)

Huge thanks to Juju from Tales of Whimsy for introducing me to this author and her novella!


  1. Juju,

    Thank you so much! I'm so glad you introduced me to this author - and I'm so glad you stopped by! :)


  2. Kristine,

    I've only known about her for a short while, but me, too! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed the letter!

    Thank you for visiting!


  3. This sounds like such a fun feature, Amber. It reminds me of The Borrowers. Anybody remember what I'm talking about?? ;-)

    Looking forward to reading more!

  4. Lisa,

    Oh, I'm so pleased you think so! I was hoping you would be OK with the title tie-in. :) And I'm not sure if I'm familiar with The Borrowers... I just looked it up and the premise sounds vaguely familiar. Hmmm... Anyway, fun connection!

    Looking forward to sharing more with everyone! And you're more than welcome to share one of your own - let me know if you're ever inspired to do so! :)



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