Monday, April 15, 2013

About this Feature: Writing letters to characters and/or authors is nothing new, but here's the twist: these letters will be all about borrowing, in keeping with our blog title. They can be funny or serious, sweet or sassy, short or more in-depth. My hope is that the letters will be entertaining or inspiring to read and will show appreciation to authors - and to the Lord for giving us creativity! (You can click the button and then scroll down to read previously posted letters.)

If you'd like to submit a letter of your own to be posted here, feel free to e-mail me at

Today's letter is for Ian from Pieces of Me by Eisley Jacobs:

Dear Ian,

Everyone loves a good mystery, right? And you, Ian, enter Braidan's story as a mystery. (Of course, so does everyone else...including Braidan.) You're sweet and a bit of a flirt. But you're also tenacious, determined to discover truth and cling to it, as well as stand your ground for what is right. I admire that.

Of course, you sometimes have limited knowledge on which to move forward, and you aren't without a desire for affection and acknowledgment. (After all, you are human...right?) 

But I would love to borrow a handful of your drive for truth, as well as a pinch of your courage mixed with your compassion. With my work and my hobbies (editing and book reviewing and the like), it can be hard sometimes to balance honesty with encouragement. I want to motivate people to strive for truth - to not be satisfied with false impressions and hazy ideals. And yet, you and I both know that sometimes we are the ones most in need of accepting hard truths. 

At this busy time, I'll borrow however much of your tenacity you might be willing to share. 

Keep on motivating others and fighting and caring - you've got a lot to share with others besides me. And keep hold of that air of mystery around you. I think it's rather appealing. *wink*


You can purchase Pieces of Me now on!


  1. What a great letter to Ian. He will enjoy reading it... ;)

  2. Eisley,

    I appreciate your willingness to pass the letter along to him! ;)

    Thank you for the kind words, as well as the opportunity to read your book!



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