Monday, February 10, 2014

About the Book

"Book Two in the Inn at Eagle Hill series.

Bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher delivers her trademark twists, turns, and tender romance in this delightful and exciting visit to the deceptively quiet community of Stoney Ridge. 

Twenty-year-old Bethany Schrock is restless. Her love life has derailed, her faith hangs by a thread, and she is spending the incredibly hot summer days wading through a lifetime’s accumulation of junk at the home of five ancient Amish sisters. About the only thing that holds her interest is the spirited and dangerously handsome Jimmy Fisher–and he seems bent on irritating her to no end.

When the sly old sisters and a guest at the Inn get Bethany involved in running the local soup kitchen and starting a community garden, she suddenly finds herself wondering, Shootfire! How did that happen? Despite her newfound purposefulness, a gnawing emptiness about a childhood mystery continues to plague her. Encouraged by Jimmy Fisher, she will seek out the answers she craves–and uncover a shocking secret that will break her heart, heal it, and point her to love."

Amber's Review

With the first book in this series taking a while to grow on me and turning out not to be a favorite (although it was still good), I wasn't sure what to expect with this one. I did hold out hope, though, that Bethany and Jimmy - characters whose potential romance I was interested in - would save the day and make this an enjoyable read. And all in all, my hopes were happily fulfilled! While this series does have a different feel due to the uniqueness of the characters, family situations, and the B&B, I felt like The Calling was a reminder of (and a return to) what I love about Fisher's books.

We've got an interesting cast with this story: a young Amish woman who likes to organize things, is a bit sassy, and doesn't like to step out of her comfort zone; her younger sister with a couple of big secrets involving some letters and a crush; a young Amish man who's torn about his future and about his feelings for a certain headstrong girl; and a female preacher who comes to stay at the Inn at Eagle House when she loses her job. And those are just the main POV perspectives! There's also the rest of Bethany and Mim's family, Jimmy's overprotective and determined mother, the neighbors, a group of older women bent on helping others at the cost of a cluttered home, a group of "outcast" girls, an attorney, and a "villain." One thing's for sure - Fisher knows how to create some authentic but quirky characters! And she demonstrates once again in this book that she can make the reader care for them.

I really enjoyed seeing these characters grow, watching them interact and respond to revealed secrets, and observing them live in love. There are some intriguing twists in the plot, with a dash of suspense to boost the pace of this character-driven novel. And the lessons learned through it all are really touching - about the importance of truth and of reaching out in compassion and understanding.

The Calling is a great continuation of "The Inn at Eagle Hill" series, one that held my interest and won me over much more than Book 1. Fisher continues to write fascinating Amish novels!

*With thanks to the publisher for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion, to be shared during the Litfuse Publicity blog tour.*

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  1. I've been watching "Amerish Experiece" lately, this weekly 2hr mini series on the Amish. This book looks awesome! I did not read the first, but I am obsessed with series and have a $30 gift card to Barnes & Noble that needs to be used- great find!

  2. Jacqueline,

    Neat! How are you enjoying the show?

    And I really enjoyed this book! While I preferred this book to its predecessor, both are still great reads, and I think this is a series that's most enjoyed if you've read all of the books. I hope you love them if you do purchase them!

    Happy reading, and thank you for stopping by!



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