Monday, March 28, 2011

Don't we all love and appreciate a reason to celebrate? Celebrating the milestones we've reached, big or small, can be a wonderful gift. It can remind us of how far God has brought us, of how much we have to be thankful for, and it can give us extra "oomph" to keep on pushing forward.

Last week during my spring break I finished the first draft of my manuscript. Yes, it's a little shorter than it probably should be. Yes, it needs some polishing and editing. But still, the first draft is done!!! And thanks to some wonderful comments on my personal blog (Seasons of Humility), as well as the kind words of dear family and friends, I'm reminded to be grateful for getting this far.

For all of you writers out there (and even if you're not a writer), let's celebrate! God has a purpose for our lives, and He works through us to fulfill it. I think that's cause for rejoicing, no matter where you are on the journey God has planned for you!

I also have a shameless plug for today in regards to my personal blog... This week is my first blogoversary (one year anniversary of the creation of my blog), so I'm celebrating with some fun posts, including author interviews and giveaways! Here's a peek at the schedule:
  • Tuesday, March 29: Interview with author Laura Frantz and giveaway of her book, Courting Morrow Little
  • Wednesday, March 30: Interview with author Julie Lessman and giveaway of winner's choice of one of her books
  • Thursday, March 31: Interview with our very own S. Dionne Moore and special book giveaway!
  • Friday, April 1: Interview with author Leanna Ellis and possible book giveaway
  • Saturday, April 2: Winners announced
I do hope you'll stop by Seasons of Humility and join the party! Maybe you'll be one of the lucky winners and have even more reason to celebrate!

And let's hope the other BB authors don't mind the shameless plug... ;)

Anybody else have some fun reasons to celebrate this week? We'd love to cheer with you!


  1. I do! I'm celebrating receiving the final edits for my third LaTisha book, Recipe for Deceit. I can't wait to wrap up the three book series at long last. My fellow cozy mystery authors know exactly where I'm coming from on this. YIPPEE!!

  2. Plug away, Amber!! Very happy for you. Finishing that first manuscript is a huge milestone!!

  3. Sandra, I TOTALLY understand your joy. Janelle and I just turned in the final edits for Inn Plain Sight. WHOOP!

    AND...I finished and turned in the story I was working on to my agent this weekend. Double WHOOP!

  4. Sandra M.,

    Way to go!!! LaTisha is quite the character, and I'm sure her third story is awesome! :)


    P.S. Can't wait to feature you on my blog on Thursday! I'll have to e-mail you soon to finalize our plans... :)

  5. Lisa,

    Us BB'ers are on a roll! Congratulations on all those reasons to celebrate! :)


    P.S. Thanks for letting me plug away. ;)

  6. YAY ! Happy Blogoversary :)

    Happy to be here to celebrate it !!

  7. Mariska,

    Thank you! :D

    Just to clarify, the blogoversary is for my personal blog ("Seasons of Humility"), not the BB, but you are more than welcome to click on the link and join us over there for the party! There are some great guest interviews and giveaways going on. :)


  8. I'm just what all you writers need...a reader!!! and I want to celebrate too. this is where I get to enjoy God's gift to ya'll and I get to do my gift of encouraging. So write, I'll read and we will all serve God...and celebrate this anniversary with Liz.


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