Monday, January 23, 2012

In preparation for my new contract, I visited Antietam Battlefield last week, staying at the very clean, lovely guest home, the Mary Hill House. We enjoyed listening to the very knowledgeable Bob Murphy of RCM History Tours (Twitter @RCMHistoryTours). His prices are very reasonable and he accommodated our desire to walk some of the tour.

This, I believe, was a picture of the "Cornfield." Hard to say without the corn. :) One of the most intense spots of the entire battle.

 Mumma Farm
 Mumma Farm was the only farm burned up during the battle. The springhouse didn't burn and is pictured here:
 Roulette Farm
 Roulette Farm Pond and, in the distance, South Mountain (Battle of South Mountain)
 Bloody Lane, called Hog Trough Lane before the battle
 The tower at the end of Bloody Lane was not standing during the Civil War. Bob said people assume that it did. :)
 Look at that sky! This is coming up on Sherrick Farm and Burnside Bridge (Lower Bridge)
 Burnside Bridge from the Confederate side. With only 300-400 soldiers holding off over 2K because they held the higher ground.
 Antietam National Cemetery
 Grove House, Lee's Hdqrtrs in Sharpsburg during Confederate occupation
 Do you see the shell stuck in the side of this house? Every house in Sharpsburg was used to shelter the wounded.
 Lee moved the location of his Hdqrtrs to here, Oak Grove, where he pitched a tent. Meanwhile. . .
 McClellan's command was centered at Pry House. Not open for tour at the time of our trip. :(
 Pry House (sideview)
 This is what McClellan saw from his vantage point at Pry House. The picture is dark (sorry) but there are way more trees now than there were then.
 Uh, this wasn't part of the tour, but was part of the recovery. Nutter's Ice-Cream. 4 scoops for $2.95. I was sold!


  1. Thank you for sharing these great pictures, Sandra! I took a class on the Civil War last semester, and I'm taking an American Military History class this semester - so I'm getting a double does of Civil War history! :)


  2. I was fascinated, especially by the "Lost Order" story.


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