Monday, January 16, 2012

At this point in my life, what better subject to post about than my subjects in school? In any case, I figure a list of my classes will at least give you an idea of where I might be going with my "Where the Past Meets the Present" posts. ;)

I think it's fitting that my last semester of college before I graduate with my Bachelor's degree includes a veritable smorgasbord of subjects -
  • American Military History I (We'll be studying the Revolutionary War through Reconstruction after the Civil War. I actually took a Civil War class last semester, but I love history! Perhaps some of the research might translate into a future novel...?)
  • Stats and Probability (Since I needed one more math or science class, I figured stats would be helpful should I ever pursue a career in the publishing industry.)
  • C.S. Lewis (Would ya'll be interested in seeing some WTPMTP - "Where the Past Meets the Present" - posts featuring Lewis' work? I'm thinking I'm going to love this class!)
  • Ruth and Esther (I love going to a school where we can take a whole class dedicated to certain books of the Bible! I'm excited to study the stories of Ruth and Esther in depth.)
  • Johannine Theology (This class focuses on the theology of the books of John, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, and Revelation. It sounds challenging, but also very rewarding!)
  • 17th-19th Century English Literature (I'm hoping I'll get some good material for my WTPMTP posts from this class, as well! We'll be reading Northanger Abbey, Gulliver's Travels, and much more throughout the semester.)
  • Birds and Botany of Western Oregon (It's my last semester at Corban University - so I've got to take a fun class, right? Not saying that my others classes won't be fun, but this one's a bit out of my English-major league, and it sounds great!)

OK, thanks for letting me share my class list with ya'll! (Not like you really had a choice, but I'll forego the evil laugh if you'll go along with it...) Now, here are my questions for you:

  • If you're still in school, do you have a favorite subject you've studied recently? If you're done with school, what was one of your favorite classes from high school or college?
  • Is there anything you'd specifically like to see me post about in the future regarding my classes and writing/research?

(Note: While I'm pretty sure I'm not going to change my class schedule at this point in the game, I thought I'd better note that my schedule is subject to change should any circumstances require it. Thanks again for indulging me today!)


  1. Great line up, Amber -- except for the stats and probability. Shudder. I HATE statistics. My poor ol' brain isn't logical enough to handle them. The C.S. Lewis class sounds amazing! as does the Ruth and Esther class. And yes you are blessed to be able to include those kinds of classes in your studies.

    I am thankfully not in college and don't want to go back any time soon! LOL. But when I was taking my library courses I LOVED all the reference classes. I know, totally library geeky, but each reference question is like a mini-mystery just waiting to be solved! :-)

  2. Kav,

    Hahaha, I'm not really much of a math person either, although I think math is really interesting, especially when it's used in Physics. :) Too bad I don't always understand it, LOL!

    I think C.S. Lewis and Ruth & Esther are definitely going to be great classes. :) I'm certainly blessed to be going to Corban!

    And don't worry - I enjoy being in college, but at the same time, I don't think I'll miss the stress (etc.) when I'm done, either. I love your attitude about reference questions, though! I think it's so helpful to try and view things like history (or reference questions) as puzzles or mysteries to be solved. :)

    Thank you for chiming in!



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