Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Boy, have things changed! Here are party game ideas for teenagers in 1922 (from Home Arts and Entertainment, supplement to Woman’s Weekly).

Smelling Game
Fill small bottles with things like oil of cloves, citronella, vanilla, mustard, ammonia, bay rum, witch hazel, lemon extract, ink, essence of peppermint, vinegar, violet water, coal oil, almond extract, turpentine, castor oil, iodine, and oil of wintergreen. Cover the bottles and number them. Have guests smell the contents then write on a numbered card their guess as to what they smelled.

Tasting Game
Use bits of oranges, peppermint, candy, sweet pickles, apple, bread, milk chocolate, lemon stick, cream cheese, and marshmallow. Put them on toothpicks and feed them to guests. Have them write down answers as best they can.

Touching Game
Give each guest a small toy animal to feel. After about five minutes, take away the animal and give each guest some modeling clay so they can make an animal like the one they held. Hostess judges the winners.

Hearing Game
A phonograph or piano may be used for this game. Use simple, well known airs, according to the musical proficiency of your group. Examples: Dixie, London Bridge, America, Long, Long Trail, Mendelssohn’s Melody in F, hymns, or songs from the local school’s song book. Have each guest write the names of the songs in order.


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