Monday, October 15, 2012

How 'bout I throw another handful of cover candy your way?

September 2012 Release

Isn't this one so intriguing and eye-catching?? Kind of reminds me of Krissi Dallas' covers for the "Phantom Island" series - the bold color, the central focus on the image/title, and the symbolism. I haven't read this one yet, but I have it waiting for me on my Kindle (the only bummer thing about having the basic Kindle is not being able to see the cover in color - I'll just have to enjoy these computer pics!). 

I really enjoyed Elle's Clockwise and Clockwiser, and I'm eager to give this semi-dystopian (?) by her "alter ego," Lee, a try! It's recommended for those age 15 and up - a more mature audience than her previous books - and is currently $.99 on (today is October 15th, and I'm not sure how long this price reduction is going to last).

*This just in: Perception is going to be FREE on October 15th and 16th! Great opportunity to try it out!*

July 2012 Release

September 2012 Release

I have to include both of these covers in "The Last Year" series because they go together so nicely! With my personal blog and my freelance editing services, it's probably obvious that I like the "seasons" theme. That autumn cover really drew me in when I saw it, and I decided to give Whispers in Autumn a try - despite the fact that I don't generally care for alien stories. Turns out that I enjoyed it! It's certainly interesting how the seasons theme comes into play and I admire the author's imagination and creativity. Not sure how I feel about every aspect of the story...but it's pretty clean and rather thought-provoking. And I'm definitely curious to see the covers for "spring" and "summer"! 

Whispers in Autumn and Winter Omens are both currently priced at $3.99 each for the e-books on

December 2012 Release

I do love the dramatic flair on this cover! Mysterious and adventurous and pretty - it may be kind of simple, but I like it! I actually read this book through NetGalley, and my review will be coming on my personal blog in November. Probably best enjoyed by those who have read the first two books in the series, I still found it to be a fun read. And I loved the hero! 

So, tell me - which cover is your favorite? Do you prefer a symbolic image, a lovely close-up, or a gorgeous outfit? 

And if you are a YA fan, do you have any recommendations or cover candy to share?


  1. I like "headless" designs but also that final one is gorgeous - very dramatic, as you say.Fun post!

  2. Rissi,

    Yeah, there are some beautiful "headless" covers for historical fiction! :) And isn't that last one pretty? Have you read any of Jessica Day George's books? I've read 2: Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow, as well as Princess of the Silver Woods. Both were pretty entertaining, although I definitely preferred PSW!

    Glad you enjoyed the post! I love me some cover candy! :)



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