Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Take on something so big that you'll fail unless God is in it," my former pastor, Dr. Jim Denison, used to say.  What a wonderful idea, I'd think.  Yes!  Heartily yes!  
And then God called me to write a novel.
When I heard His call I was the mother of two children, ages seven and four, and I was expecting my third baby.  The only hours I had to myself all week were the few hours when my four year old was in pre-school.  To be honest, I really enjoyed using that time to do things like attend MOPS meetings, straighten my house, shower, grocery shop.  
Nonetheless, God called me to write a novel.
I'd once published historical romances for the general market, but I'd abandoned my career seven years before when God had issued a clear 'no' to the kind of books I'd been writing.  In all seven years I had not expected to return to it.  Ever.
Nonetheless, God called me to write a novel.
Suddenly, "Attempt something so big that you'll fail unless God is in it," applied to me and my life in a very personal way.  If I was going to respond to God's call, if I was going to write a novel for the Christian market, I could no longer simply approve of the idea in theory.  I was going to have to put my faith into action.
Since I'd published books in the past, I had an accurate sense of how hard it would be.  The only thing that kept me from burying my head in the sand and pretending I hadn't understood God's will?  My belief that if God was the One who'd asked me to write, then God was the One who'd equip me to write.
I rolled up my sleeves.  I determined that during the hours when my son was at pre-school, I'd plant myself at my desk and work.
Before each writing session I hit my knees and prayed.  I confessed to God that yes, I was going to fail unless He was in it.  I begged him to help me.  I prayed, "May you become greater, I may I become less," John 3:30.  
Occasionally.... okay, almost daily, doubt and anxiety would sneak in.  I'd feel overwhelmed by the size of the task before me.  I'd start to worry that the book would never sell, that it wasn't any good, that I was inferior to other writers.  I'd angst over the idea of sinking a year into the writing of a novel that might go nowhere.
In those moments, I would hear God reassure me.  He reminded me over and over that my job was simply to write it.  He would handle the rest. 
Striving to trust His will for me and my novel -- even if His will didn't include publication -- I pressed on. 
It's hard, isn't it?  Writing without guarantees?  Investing our heart, our time, and often our dollars into something without knowing where it will lead?  Authors seeking publication have no guarantee of publication.  Published authors have no guarantee that anyone will like their finished work.
But that's faith.  Isn't it?  Acting in obedience, uncertain of what God has in store?  Trusting in His character.  Surrendering our will to His will.
2 Corinthians 4:18 says, "So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." 
Because of God's grace, I was eventually able to finish my novel.  He sustained me and equipped me and despite having my third baby (just a few chapters shy of finishing the book) I did manage to complete the work He'd called me to do.  I did not manage to do it in my own strength.  Only His.
If you're working toward the goal of completing a novel or if you've already finished your (fifth, tenth, twentieth?) novel, then press on!  I wholeheartedly believe that the One who "gives generously to all without finding fault," (James 1:5) will continue to faithfully meet and empower you.   

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Becky Wade is a graduate of Baylor University. As a newlywed, she lived for three years in a home overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, as well as in Australia, before returning to the States. A mom of three young children, Becky and her family now live in Dallas, Texas. Visit her website at www.beckywade.com.

Find out more about Becky at http://beckywade.com.

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  1. This is beautiful, Becky ... I really needed to hear it today. Thank you!!


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