Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Research is a super important part of the writing process. I always want to make sure I get the details right. Seems simple, right? Just ask the right people. Ahem. My first experience of how challenging this might be was when I needed to find out how to down a small plane. Now ordinarily this shouldn’t have been difficult. A friend of my husband owned a small plane. But here was the problem: it was the week after the planes crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. No one wanted to answer such a question, not even Dave’s friend. I finally found a plane forum and explained what I needed. I listed my website and assured them it was for a book. Finally, one brave soul told me what I needed to know, and I was ready to bow down and kiss his feet.  

My next major foray into this research was for Alaska Twilight. One of the pharmacists at my local Walgreens had been a good source for me so I went to see her. I asked what drug would leave my victim unable to fight if someone threw her into the water. As my friend was giving me the information, the other pharmacist on duty came flying around the shelves with a horrified expression on her face. I held up my hands and assured her it was for a book. I’m not completely sure she believed me!

My newest book, Rosemary Cottage, was no exception, but I had to research something that was a little out of my comfort zone—cold water surfing. A little background first. I’m a health nut. I’d been hearing about the benefits of cold thermogenesis. That’s immersion in cold water for those who don’t know. And bonus! I’d heard it would help sculpt your body, so I tried getting in my daughter’s pool in the winter to see if it would help me lose weight in my thighs. Oh what we women will do for vanity! Now before you faint, let me assure you this was Arizona so the water temperature was about forty-five to fifty, not freezing. But it was still mighty cold. After a few minutes, it was rather comfortable though. 

Unfortunately it didn’t work for weight loss. LOL But that health research led me to an article about cold water surfing. Like at Lake Superior in the winter (wrote about that in Rock Harbor Search and Rescue too) and in Maine in the winter. Now that’s cold! I got a book about cold water surfing, and I decided Edith, one of the supporting characters in Rosemary Cottage would be a cold water surfer. I had to figure out lots of things about that too, like what kind of wetsuit and other gear.

By the way, Edith is based on my real Aunt Edith. You should have seen Ede’s face when I told her I had her surfing the North Carolina shore in November. I don’t think she was totally onboard with the idea. . .

I also had to research surfing in general. If you knew me well, you’d know my nickname is “Grace” and not because I’m graceful. I’ve been a klutz my whole life. So I wasn’t going to try to surf myself. I made the ultimate sacrifice and went to Hawaii to watch surfers. I learned a bit of the lingo and wished I had that kind of grace. It was enough though. I researched sharks too since Amy’s brother was killed by a shark while surfing (or so she’s been told) and what I learned made me almost too afraid to go snorkeling. Almost!  

Research is what keeps writing fun and fresh. And the really terrific thing about it is how one snippet of information can take you in a completely new direction. I decided I wanted Amy to do something with natural medicine since I’m such a big fan myself, but what? Then I ran across an article about herbs used in childbirth, and that led me to midwifery. Perfect! And that’s how it goes with every book. Research is what drives the idea for me. Give it a try!

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Visit her website at www.colleencoble.com and connect at Facebook at www.facebook.com/colleencoblebooks


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