Monday, June 23, 2014

We're celebrating a book birthday today! The Word Changers - a YA Christian fantasy by Ashlee Willis - has been officially released:

About the Book

Her parents’ marriage is falling apart. Fifteen-year-old Posy feels her life is falling apart with it. Retreating to an old library down the street, she selects a mysterious book in a secluded corner and is magically drawn into its story...

Posy finds herself in a kingdom ruled by a cruel and manipulative king and queen who have attempted to usurp the role that belongs only to the Author of their story. The princess has fled and the kingdom is teetering toward rebellion. Posy is joined by the Prince Kyran as they fight with the characters of the story against their slavery to the Plot.

Posy and the prince search beyond the borders of the story for the runaway princess. They visit mysterious places, face horrifying monsters, and fight fierce battles. They make both friends and enemies as their journey leads them into many dangers. But some of the worst dangers, Posy soon finds, lie deep within her own heart.

Now Posy must find the courage and forgiveness needed to save the story and, most important, heal the heartache she knew in her own world.

Now available for purchase:

In honor of the occasion, we've got a fun interview with King Melanthius, one of the characters of the book - and a special giveaway! Read on...

* * * 

The Author: So … the elephant in the room … you are, in fact, a character in a book. How long have you known this? Does it trouble you at all? 

King Melanthius: Trouble me? You must be jesting. The part I have in the Plot is perhaps more important than any other. I would have it no other way, in fact. I control the Plot … ahem, that is, I protect the Plot. There can be no greater role in a book than that. I would say I was born knowing I was a character, but my way of being born was different than yours. I’ve never been an infant or even a child. I have always been as you see me – an adult, a ruler. A king. 

The Author: Explain to me the process of what happens when someone reads your story. Are you aware it is being read?

King Melanthius: Of course I am aware of it. What a foolish question! The wind blows, new smells fill the air, trees whisper and characters stir … everything is brighter and more alive, just as a book is meant to be when it is read. When a reader comes, the characters come into their own. Fulfilling the Plot is what we are meant to do, you know.

The Author: Does it ever get boring, living the same tale over and over again? Does the Plot ever change? Do you, as its “keeper” ever take the liberty of changing the Author’s words? 

King Melanthius: Ahem … well, I must admit there are times that the Plot is a hard taskmaster. But the time between readers is our own, to do with as we please, and that helps lighten the tedium. Most of my free time is spent in council meetings with those blasted owls, though … As for changing the Plot – who can tell? Our story is age-old, so old there are none left who can remember exactly how it was written or why. You speak of an Author: we know of no such person or creature. Some do still speak of him, but only in myths and wives’ tales. I for one turn a deaf ear to those tales. I would advise you to do the same.

The Author: Confession: I’ve heard a rumor that your daughter, Princess Evanthe, ran away a few days ago and has not been seen since. Did something happen between the two of you to cause her to abandon her role in the Plot? 

King Melanthius: That is none of your concern. Refrain from questioning me on such intimate matters or I will leave straight away.

The Author: Very well – here is a question a bit less close to home: There is a place in your story called the Wild Land. Can you tell me about it? Why does everyone have such a morbid fascination with that cursed place?

King Melanthius: The Wild Land is beyond the Borders of the Plot, and the creatures who live there are dangerous – do you hear me? Dangerous! Some of them are even characters who have abandoned their places within the Plot. Traitors, in short. We do not speak of that place or those people. I will say no more. I think it is time I returned to my duties, in fact. I have a book … I mean, a kingdom, to run. An intruder named Petunia … or perhaps it was Posy … has just dropped into our story and all chaos will break loose if something isn’t done about her immediately. Good day.

* * * 

About the Author

Ashlee has a passion for three things: God, family, and books, and is happiest when all three can be enjoyed together.  Ashlee graduated from Central Christian College of the Bible with a Bachelor of Science in Christian Education. She divides her time chiefly between homeschooling her young son, reading about fantasy worlds she wishes she could visit, and dreaming up fantasy worlds of her own to write about. She loves taking walks in the woods, drinking tea with friends, and spending time with the ones she loves most.  Ashlee lives in the heart of Missouri with her husband, son, and cat, where she is busily at work on her next book, also a fantasy for young adults.

Find Ashlee on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads, and at

* * * 


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  1. Haha, what a great interview! Character interviews are always fun. ^_^ Hmm, sounds like Melanthius may be... hiding something. ;) Gaah, I love this story. <3

  2. Deborah,

    Character interviews are definitely fun! Love the insight, and how they make the characters that much more "real." :) Didn't Ashlee do a great job with this one?

    So glad to hear you enjoyed the story! Thanks for stopping by to check out the interview. :)


  3. Yes, Deborah, it was so fun to write, too :) Glad you stopped by!!

  4. Amber, thanks so much for hosting me today! So much fun!! :)

  5. Ashlee,

    My pleasure! Thank YOU for the fun interview and giveaway. And congratulations once again on your book's official release! :)



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