Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Here are some "Household Notes" from The Woman's Magazine, November, 1905.

The white leaves of celery dried and added to soups give a delicious flavor.

If fish and oysters are rolled in cornmeal before frying they will fry brown and crisp.

To prevent suet from sticking to the knife when chopping sprinkle it with a little ground rice.

Best results will be obtained when clothes are sprinkled with hot water and a good whisk broom kept for the purpose.

If a little cornstarch is mixed with salt before being put in the shaker it will keep it from clogging.

Careful housewives do not forget that the tea-kettle as well as the tea and coffee pots should be washed on the inside and outside every day.

A new and handy device is a straw basket made in a conical shape for use in a carrying knives and forks from the table. This method prevents the dropping of cutlery on the floor, as is apt to be the case when removed with a pile of dishes.

In seasoning a fowl the flavor may be improved by rubbing well into the flesh salt and pepper to which ginger has been added. If an apple or onion is put in a duck to be roasted it gives a better flavor to the meat. A spoonful of vinegar in water in which fowls are boiled makes them tender.


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