Monday, February 6, 2012

It never hurts to use alliteration for a post title, right? But this post could also be titled: What Writers Can Learn from Author Anne Elisabeth Stengl. If you haven't heard of her, I'd be glad to introduce you!

Anne is the author of Heartless, Veiled Rose, and Moonblood (releasing this April!) - Christian fantasy that is both meaningful and engaging! She has an amazing love story of her own (check out this interview from 2010, and then this post on Anne's blog - so sweet!!), and she is a great role model for writers. Why do I say that?

She is creative!! And not only that, but she has such a positive attitude. Wonder what I'm talking about? Visit Chronicles of the Evil One - her blog from her cat's perspective. If I'm in need of a smile, Minerva Louise never seems to run out of great stories to tell! (Plus, the pictures - and most recently a delightful theme song - add so much humor!)

As for Anne's author blog, Tales of Goldstone Wood, she does a great job of interacting with readers and coming up with relevant post series. Her blog seems to allow her to explore themes (like dragons!) that she's interested in (generally pertaining to her books), gain input from her readers, and answer questions that her readers might have. (Pilgrim's Progress - that enduring classic - includes an "apology" declaring the author's intent, so perhaps Anne is on to something with blogs serving as great venues for modern-day author "apologies" for books in a fantasy/allegorical genre.)

Anne Elisabeth Stengl lets her creativity shine in order to bless others. And I believe that's a great thing for any writer to do.

P.S. I simply have to take this occasion to post the book cover for her October 2012 release!

If you want to join the discussion on my personal blog regarding book covers (and see a bit more cover candy!), click HERE.


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