Monday, May 28, 2012

The following quotes are from interviews I conducted (through e-mail) and posted on my personal blog for a "Mondays for the Military" feature. (The links will take you to the full interview posts if you wish to read more.)

Question: How can we pray for you specifically, as well as all those in the military?


"Pray for wisdom and guidance for leaders to make the right decisions at the right time. And to be leaders and make decisions. Pray for soldiers to stay alert and confident in their abilities and for God to help them recall information at the proper time."
~ Stephen Novak (served as an Infantryman in the Army National Guard)

"Please pray that…. when our time on this earth has come to an end…. my spirit and the spirits of my comrades in arms—active, reserve, discharged, retired—will be accepted into the presence of our loving God…. That truly is my desire."
~ Floyd Stokes (Retired Navy Captain)

"For military families in general, pray for God to strengthen their marriages, to heal the broken-hearted and to restore hope where it has faded away. Pray that even when they are hurting and face challenges, that they will recognize God’s presence in their lives."
~ Jocelyn Green (Former Coast Guard wife and author of Faith Deployed)

"Prayers for our leaders is an ongoing issue. We need to remember them and their power in the issues that will affect our future. So many of the military are so young...they have joined the military to support their families during this time of financial strain."
~ Nancy Williams (Naval Commander working with the Honor Flights Program)

Question: What do you admire most about the military?


"I admire how our military men and women—and their families—are willing to sacrifice so much for the rest of the nation. Not only do they put their lives on the line, but they have difficult jobs, frequent moves, and restrictions to their freedom that civilians would not put up with."
~ Sarah Sundin (Author of the "Wings of Glory" series)

"I admire the military family’s commitment to honor, duty, service and sacrifice. In this 'me-first' society we live in as Americans, military families give so much of themselves to a cause that is bigger than themselves—we can all learn from that, and from them"
~ Jocelyn Green (in another interview)

"...I have always been humbled by the fact that the men and women who serve our country are willing to leave their families behind when they are deployed. I think about the missed holidays, the birthdays, family experiences like sharing the birth of a child or seeing that child takes its first step, or deaths. I have to admit every time I see a television report of a returning veteran reunited with his or her family I tear up. It touches my heart to think how much they have missed while they’ve been gone, but they did it out of loyalty to our country and its citizens."
 ~ Sandra Robbins (Author of Shattered Identity)

May God bless our United States military members, their families, and all those who serve them. We thank you for all of your sacrifices as today we honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.


  1. Their answers to prayer really humble me. I've never thought of such specific ways to pray before. "God bless the military" just doesn't cut it after reading this. Thanks for the timely reminder.

  2. Kav,

    While it takes some time, it's "easy" to put together a post like this - it's much harder to remember that *I* need to take the words to heart, too. Your comments are always so supportive and convicting (in a good way!).

    Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read these interview excerpts again. :)


  3. Gosh, Amber, these prayer requests are so moving. Someone sharing their needs with you is moving to begin with, but these... and what they They're certainly a reality check. So many of us take our freedom for granted. We forget there are faces, names, lives and souls that make the "land of the free" even possible. Freedom carries a heavy price, may God abundantly bless those who have paid it and continue to pay it daily with peace, strength, joy, comfort and the meeting of every needs, physically and spiritually.

    Loved your daddy's request :-) I know I've read these before but I needed the reminder. Life gets crazy and your vision can tend to tunnel to just you and your own problems and cares, but it is truly humbling to hear requests like these and be reminded that even saviors needs a Saviour... sometimes more than most...

    God bless you, my friend, and your sweet heart. Your military posts have always been beautiful. And I know I said it over on your blog but, again, please tell your daddy I said Happy Memorial Day and thank you :-)


  4. Amanda,

    Beautifully said. :) It reminds me of one of the things that the speaker said today at the Memorial Day service - something about us not loving the abstract idea of our country, but loving our fellow countrymen. While freedom is indeed a powerful abstract idea, it is bought with very real lives and sacrifices - all so that freedom can become more than an abstract idea, but rather a real way of life for their fellow countrymen. Such a moving, gritty, unbelievably generous reality!

    I really need this reminder, as well - I asked the questions, but I haven't really taken to heart the responses. I have a lot to learn about caring more for others... These responses are definitely humbling and heart-breaking.

    And what you said about saviors needing a Savior - wow!

    Your comments are always so inspiring and uplifting, dear friend! Thank you so much for the kind words for me and for my daddy - I passed along your message to him, and I think he was touched by your sweet words. :)

    God bless you, too, and thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement!!



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