Monday, May 7, 2012

As a college graduate, I think I am qualified to offer some profound words of wisdom. ;) As a quite recent college graduate (think graduation ceremony on Saturday, traveling home on Sunday, trying to write a blog post late Sunday night), I think I should be allowed to keep the profundity short. (I do so hope you agree!)

Going to college - particularly going to Corban University - was a true blessing!

I was challenged to think critically about the works that surround me (from literature to T.V. programs) and to dig deep to examine the heart of a work rather than get caught up on surface matters.

I was encouraged to explore different subjects. As an English major, I had plenty of elective hours that allowed me to take history and psychology and theology classes (and even a birds & botany class!) - talk about a wealth of research opportunities for novel-writing!

I was reminded to be creative and yet to still communicate effectively. There are times to be succinct and times to wax eloquent. There are times to be a bit formulaic in following instructions, and there are times to tackle new ideas with enthusiasm and confidence.

I was inspired to build relationships - to really see the big picture. From friends to faculty to family, I have been moved by the relationships I have either begun or developed over the last three years, and I have been overwhelmed by the kindness and love I have been shown. Rough times came, and tears fell. But God's love never disappoints, and His love working through human relationships is incredible and powerful.

This is such a small glimpse of what I have learned over the past three years. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in English now - but I really have so much more than that. I have dear friends. I have wonderful memories. I have a cultivated mind eager to learn more and to put what I already have learned into practice, and I have an encouraged heart eager to see where God will lead next, despite the sorrow of finishing my undergraduate college experience.

If you'd like to hear more about my recent graduation and my college experience in general, tune into my personal blog sometime in the next few days. Hopefully I'll have some pictures up soon over there and some updates to share with my dear blogging friends!


  1. Congratulations, Amber! What a tremendous relief you must feel, and a great sense of accomplishment.

  2. Thank you, Sandra! Yes, it is both a relief and a difficult good-bye to make to such a wonderful experience. I guess I'll have to have Lisa change the info about me in the sidebar now! ;)



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