Thursday, May 31, 2012

I am delighted to welcome Jude Urbanski to The Borrowed Book today. Jude writes women's fiction featuring a strong inspirational romance element and has been writing in some fashion nearly all her life. Her mother wrote sweet romances in the 1930's, her daughters write, as do her grandchildren and several other family members.

First published in nonfiction, Jude continues to write in this field also. She has two electronic novels, The Chronicles of Chanute Crossing Series, published by Desert Breeze Publishing. She is a columnist for Maximum Living, a magazine focusing on spirituality and wellness for women. She has been a blogger for Ellechor Publishing, Hoosier Ink and her own blog.
Welcome to The Borrowed Book, Jude. You have a book releasing the first of June. Tell us the title and give us a blurb about it.
Sure, Sandra. My book is released June 11 by Desert Breeze Publishing in electronic format. A tagline line for Nurtured in Purple runs something like this:
One man. One woman. Bent on avenging a personal vendetta. Another man. Another woman. Wanting to only be God’s salt and light. The outcome is ….
I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book, when initially I didn’t think I would, but the characters won my heart completely.
This is the second in your The Chronicles of Chanute Crossings Series. Did you keep the same hero and heroine, or is this book about other characters?
Seth and Kate, the main characters from book one, are still there, but my secondary characters come front and center. Willard and Elizabeth take over with all their flaws and foibles and bring us amazement at the end of the story. We’re also introduced to Ruby and her little son, Bobo, who steal your heart in their need.
Is there another book planned for the series? If so, what is it it?
No, there are no more books are planned for this series.
What gave you the idea about writing this series?
My mother wrote sweet romance novels in this same setting back in the 1930’s and I wanted to pick up on that. The setting is the area in Middle Tennessee where my ancestors lived. I have an attraction to the beautiful hills in my penchant for genealogy study.
You said that in the second book we see the flaws of two of the characters but are amazed by the end of the book. What do you hope readers will take away after reading Nurtured in Purple?
I’ve realized my stories feature strong heroes or heroines who struggle to turn tragedy to triumph with God’s help. I want readers to take away the hope that we grow during our difficult times and that God is always on the journey with us.
Now that you have two books published, you must be very busy. What is your writing schedule like, and how do you discipline yourself to follow it?
I usually spend three to four hours in the morning at the computer. I don’t know if I’m really that disciplined, but have had to give up some ‘household standards’ to keep my writing schedule. I have a very accommodating husband also, but sometimes feel I take too much time from him.
What do you find the most stressful about being an author?
I get frustrated at the sometimes long waits to hear from a submission! But I do understand the other side of things.
I certainly understand that. Waiting can be very difficult. Do you have any words of wisdom for writers who are still waiting to sell that first manuscript?
I recently told someone that a writer has to have the hide of an elephant and the patience of Job.
That is so true, Jude. Thank you for being a guest on The Borrowed Book today. We wish you the best with your new book.
To find out more about this Indiana writer who shares a blended family of eight beautiful children and a gaggle of just- as-beautiful grandchildren visit her website here.


  1. Jude, what a story concept! I love it: a revengeful couple vs. a pure-spirited couple. I'd have to check this out.

  2. Elaine, thanks for stopping. I'm also amazed how this played out (doesn't that sometimes happen to us writers?), but I loved it!


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