Monday, March 18, 2013

About this Feature: Writing letters to characters and/or authors is nothing new, but here's the twist: these letters will be all about borrowing, in keeping with our blog title. They can be funny or serious, sweet or sassy, short or more in-depth. My hope is that the letters will be entertaining or inspiring to read and will show appreciation to authors - and to the Lord for giving us creativity! (You can click the button and then scroll down to read previously posted letters.)

I'll plan on sharing a letter every other week. If you'd like to submit a letter of your own to be posted here, feel free to e-mail me at

Today's letter is for Roseanna White, author of "The Culper Ring" series:

Dear Roseanna,

You write in a genre that I love to read and write in, myself! (Yay for historical romance!) And you bring everything together so well - an intriguing cast of characters, subtle suspense, inspiring thoughts to ponder, interesting historical details/characters, and some swoon-worthy romantic moments. I really enjoyed your latest stories, and it sounds like you have some great ones coming!
I'm currently participating in Speedbo (a writing challenge hosted by Seekerville), with hopes of finishing my current WIP by the end of March. Then it's on to editing, and - dare I hope? - self-publishing later this year! Would you mind if I borrow some of your talent for excelling in writing for this genre? I know you've got a lot of current projects you'll need that talent to complete, but even a small portion to assist me through the coming months would be fabulous!

I wish you the best in your writing endeavors - keep those great historical romance books coming!


You can purchase Ring of Secrets now at, and you can also pre-order Whispers from the Shadows (releases August 2013)!

And here are links to my reviews of those two books: Ring of Secrets and Whispers from the Shadows


  1. =) What a sweet letter, Amber! I'm happy to share, LOL. Surely talent can just be multiplied instead of divided, right?

    Best of luck with Speedbo!!

  2. Roseanna,

    Hehe, thank you! ;) I think the idea of multiplying talent sounds just about right. :)

    Thank you for stopping by, for the encouragement, and for the inspiration! :)



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