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I stared at her in frustration. “What is with you?!” I exploded. She was not acting like my best friend. Like my Morgan. “You’ve been so different this summer, and I don’t get it!” 

“Well, you’ve been different too! People change, you know,” she snapped back. 

“If I’ve changed, fine. But at least I’m still honest with you. You, however, have turned into a liar! If we don’t have trust between us, then what do we have, Morgan?” 

Relationships on the White Island are volatile and Whitnee, Morgan, and Caleb aren’t sure who they can trust—even each other. Politicians are lying, history is being rewritten, and motives are questionable. Whitnee sets out with Gabriel and a band of rebel spies to take back the enemy’s biggest weapon—Whitnee’s father. However, a shocking turn of events proves once again that the Island’s secrets have the power to destroy more than just the truth. Separated from her friends, Whitnee battles her own fears in order to survive and protect the ones she loves. But when Morgan’s illness finally comes to light, Whitnee faces a decision that could alter her future—and Morgan’s—forever. And whether she ultimately stays on the Island or leaves might not be her choice, after all.

Amber's Review

The White Island has been plunged into turmoil. Distrust is the catch of the day, and everyone from the Island's inhabitants to the three Mainland teens caught up in the Island's issues are struggling with personal and communal fears. In this fourth installment of the "Phantom Island" series - the close of the "Water" books and the first half of the series - everything comes to a head. Definitely a dramatic wrap-up that leaves a bit of magic in the reader's heart, waiting to come alive once again whenever the next "element" is revealed and the fifth book released.

In order to best appreciate and understand Watermark, Watercrossing should be fresh on the mind. Watermark dives right back in to the uncertainty that kept readers hanging at the end of the third book: What is to come of Gabriel's injuries? Are the ones who came to the cabin trustworthy? Who is the traitor in their midst? What secret is Morgan hiding? All these questions and more are dealt with in this book, keeping the action and relational tension high throughout the pages. For those invested in the series, there is much to intrigue, to frustrate, and to fascinate. Just be prepared to get a little wet along the way, as there are some tearful scenes.

Re-reading Watercrossing in preparation for reading this story reminded me of just how engaging Dallas's writing and characters are. Despite the fact that I had experienced the twists and turns before (even though it had been over a year since I'd read it), Watercrossing still managed to pull me in the second time around. The friendships and romance, the danger and descriptions of a creative world - all made me fall in love with this series from the first book and have left me excited and anxious for any news of what is to come for this series.

If you're a loyal fan, Watermark shouldn't disappoint. It's an allegorical addition to the series, full of intense revelations and reactions. And if this is the first you've heard of the White Island and you're now intrigued...don't miss out on the joy that is discovering a whole cast of colorful characters inhabiting a YA fantasy world that is both utterly relatable and wonderfully imagined. Start with Windchaser, devour the first half of this (most likely) eight-book series, and join me in anticipating the next Island adventure.

*With thanks to the author for providing me with a PDF pre-release copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion.*



  1. Thank you so much for the kind review, Amber! It means a lot to me that you have been so loyal to my characters and their journey - AND that you picked up on some of the allegorical content that finally came to light in this installment. :) And thanks for shedding a tear or two on behalf of my characters. Hugs.

  2. Krissi,

    It's totally my pleasure! I was thinking the other day about how you not only didn't dismiss my pleas to review your books a couple years back, but you generously sent me paperbacks of Windchaser and Windfall. Being an author myself now, I know how precious those paperbacks are and how much it can add up to send books to people... Yet you took a chance on me and showed me so much thoughtfulness. :) I'm so blessed that you did, because our resulting friendship means a ton to me!

    I love your characters and the White Island, and I admire your talent for thinking big picture and for creating such engaging plots. *Hugs back* Please keep me in the loop about book 5!! *puppy-dog eyes*



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