Monday, September 3, 2012

Seriously, candy is hard to resist... And cover candy is definitely irresistible for this reader! ;) While the cover is just one part of the package deal when it comes to a book, I think it does quite often play a part in attracting a reader to a certain story. The cover can draw the reader in, setting the tone for the book through color scheme, the backdrop, a glimpse at the characters, the costumes, etc.

So here are a few covers for a few October 2012 releases (and a December 2012 release that I couldn't resist adding!). I'd love to know which cover draws you in the most and why! What sorts of covers do you like, and does the cover make a big difference as to whether you pick up a book or not?

Just a little taste...

The Rose of Winslow Street (with quite a lovely cover of its own, mind you!) was such a wonderful read that I just can't wait for this one! Are you like me - simply in love with this gorgeous cover?? Not much color, and yet the color that is there really stands out. And I can't resist the perspective, especially with her looking at that beautiful ship in the background...

Doesn't this author's name sound familiar? ;) Seriously, I'm excited for our very own Elizabeth Ludwig's latest release! The perspective on this cover is really cool, too. The hazy backdrop, with the lantern shining bright in the darkness, and the heroine's uncertain glance (as well as her stylish look) - all of it really comes together to show that it's historical romantic suspense. Nice!

This one is quite unique and simple - just a glimpse at the legs and feet - but it really works! Love the autumn leaves they're walking through, and how the two people are walking side-by-side, with the title "You Don't Know Me" between them (in such a great font, too!). 

And here's the December release (although I wouldn't mind if it was coming out in October, instead... *sigh*). Melanie Dickerson's fairytale retellings are great, but I especially love the cover of this latest one. The outfit is so familiar and yet's own. The background is mysterious and yet definitely familiar, not to mention the apple and the huntsman-type-guy fading into the light back there!


  1. Those all look great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Meghan,

    As you can probably tell from this post - I agree! ;) Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!


  3. Bethany House did such a fantastic job designing the cover for NO SAFE HARBOR. I was thrilled when I saw it, especially because I know how important the cover is to catching, and keeping, a perspective buyers eye. What did suprise me is how similar these covers are in color, even though they are all from different houses. I wonder if the season they release in has something to do with that, since they're all fall books.

  4. Lisa,

    Yes, that cover is awesome! :) And yes, there are a lot of browns, oranges, blues, and grays in the fall line-up... Part of me thinks that it could very well be the season they're being released. Another part of me wonders if I just tend to gravitate toward books that look like these, LOL! ;) But seriously, I do think a lot of covers coming out soon have similar color schemes, which do fit well for fall/winter. :)



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