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Margaret Daley, an award-winning author of eighty-three books, has been married for over forty years and is a firm believer in romance and love. When she isn’t traveling, she’s writing love stories, often with a suspense thread and corralling her three cats that think they rule her household. To find out more about Margaret visit her website at

Hi, Margaret! Welcome to The Borrowed Book. Tell us a little about yourself. How did your writing journey begin?

I love to read and one day years ago I decided I would try to put a story down on paper. I've always been a storyteller so it seemed natural to try and write. It was harder than I thought and I would never show anyone my first attempt at writing a book.

How long did you write before you sold your first book?

I sold my first book about three years after I started writing.

Wow, that's pretty fast! What book(s) are you reading, or have read lately?

The truth is I've been writing so much lately I haven't had time to read for pleasure. I have three books that I'm endorsing in the next couple of months, however, that I will be reading. I'm excited about getting a chance to read for pleasure: Chasing Christmas by Steven Hunt, Q Manifesto by Alan Schleimer and Catherine's Pursuit by Lena Nelson Dooley.

I understand completely! I used to love reading, but my time is so limited now, I hardly have the chance. Which fictional literary character most inspired/inspires you?

Sherlock Holmes--what an interesting, complex character

I LOVE Sherlock Holmes. Surprisingly, I enjoyed watching Robert Downey, Jr. play the character in the newest movie releases. I was afraid he wouldn't do the character justice.

Now that you are published, do you still experience rejections? If so, how are these rejections different or similar to the ones you received before becoming published?

Yes, I still receive rejection, and they aren't any easier now as they were when I was unpublished.

Tell us a little about your latest release:

Blurb for Shattered Silence, the second book in The Men of the Texas Rangers Series by Abingdon Press:

A serial killer is targeting illegal aliens in southern Texas. Texas Ranger Cody Jackson is paired with a local police officer, Liliana Rodriguez, to investigate the murders. 

While the case brings Cody and Liliana ever closer, the tension between Americans and Mexican Americans heightens. As Cody and Liliana race to discover who is behind the murders and bring peace to the area, what they uncover isn’t what they expected. Will Cody and Liliana’s faith and love be strong enough to survive the storm of violence?

The whole book sounds fascinating, but if you could only share one line from Shattered Silence, which one would you choose and why?

No one sees me. They walk right by me and don’t even know I am here. I’m invisible.

This is the opening of the book and it condenses down how some people feel who have been neglected by the people around them, some even bullied and some with no self esteem.

What inspired you to choose the setting for your novel?

In The Men of the Texas Rangers Series I'm showcasing different areas of Texas. I wanted one to take place along the border.

What kind of research did you have to do for this book? Can you share some articles or website links you found particularly helpful?

I have two people I have used as a resource: A detective for the Attorney General's office and a Texas Ranger. I've also read articles on the Internet about the Texas Ranger (their official website) and I belong to crimescenewriters on Yahoo.

Tell us what new projects you’re working on.

I'm working on the fourth book in The Men of the Texas Ranger Series called Severed Trust located in the northeastern part of Texas.

What is the one question you were afraid I would ask…and how would you answer?

I didn't have one question I was afraid you would ask me.

You're a brave woman! :-) Where can readers connect with you?



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