Monday, February 25, 2013

About this Feature: Writing letters to characters and/or authors is nothing new, but here's the twist: these letters will be all about borrowing, in keeping with our blog title. They can be funny or serious, sweet or sassy, short or more in-depth. My hope is that the letters will be entertaining or inspiring to read and will show appreciation to authors - and to the Lord for giving us creativity! (You can click the button and then scroll down to read previously posted letters.)

I'll plan on sharing a letter every other week. If you'd like to submit a letter of your own to be posted here, feel free to e-mail me at

Today's letter is for the Kensington family from Grave Consequences by Lisa T. Bergren:

Dear Kensington Family,

I hardly know how to address such an illustrious and prosperous family, but I could not forego the opportunity to tell you how much I am enjoying reading about your travels. The first chronicle of your Grand Tour was quite engaging. Please find included in this letter a link to my critique of the book. I am not even a quarter of the way through this second chronicle, but I am already intrigued by your continuing trek. I must admit that Cora's adventurous spirit is admirable - as is that of your whole company. The suspense that follows you, the dangers you embrace, and the places you have visited thus far are thrilling!

I realize that it is hardly appropriate for me to ask this question, but might I be able to borrow some funds, as well as your bear [tour guide] and his nephew, for a few weeks? I would dearly love the opportunity to take a tour of my own. Since I have recently graduated from university, I feel this would be a wonderful time in my life to tour Europe, study the past, explore different places, experience new cultures, and see a little more of the world than what I have been exposed to thus far. 

I cannot offer much by way of interest on such extensive loans, as I currently owe much on loans used to help pay for my education. But your generosity would be very highly appreciated, and I would be pleased to speak of such kindness far and wide. With the general acceptance of Cora Diehl into the Kensington family, I am given reason to hope.

I eagerly await your response. Should your answer be in the negative, though, I will understand. I have been given many blessings, and just as you all must be discovering, being with family and friends, no matter where that may be, is an especially dear blessing.

With Regard,
Miss Amber Stokes

You can purchase Grave Consequences now on! (Grave Consequences is the sequel to Glamorous Illusions.)

And be looking for my review of this book on my personal blog, Seasons of Humility - coming in March for the Litfuse Publicity blog tour!


  1. What a fun, quirky post! Thank you, Amber.

  2. Lisa,

    You're welcome! I have fun putting these posts together - I hope it's fun to read them! :)

    And if you ever want to share one yourself, just let me know! ;)


  3. I adore this post SO much! If the Kensingtons have any semblance of grace, how could they say no???

  4. Lisa,

    Yay!! I'm so pleased! :) You know, I adore this series so much! I just finished Grave Consequences in the wee hours of this morning, and I cannot wait for Glittering Promises!

    I think the Kensington children have grown a lot - I'd probably have to appeal to them first before their father. ;) I think they would be more sympathetic to my cause!



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