Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In previous blog articles I've included recipes from the First American Cook Book 1796. I mentioned a few ingredients that I had to look up, and I thought a list of olde cooking terms might be in order. This list of words I've come across and is not by any means complete. If any of our readers have more to add, I'd love to hear from you.

Bullace - a wild plum
Custard kettle - double boiler
Dutch Oven - iron kettle on three legs with flat bottom and heavy iron lid
Emptins - an American term for the English "ale yeast"
Fair - to describe water as clean, pure.
Firkin - small wooden canister used for butter or lard
Frowy - stale, sour
Furmenty - food mad of wheat boiled in milk
Gallipot - small glazed earthen pot
Gem iron or pan - muffin tin
Gridiron- a grated iron utensil used for broiling meat over coals
Haslet - edible innards of an animal use for roasting (heart, liver, etc.)
Lade - to load using a ladle or scoop
Loaf sugar - refined sugar that has been formed into a conical mold
Pannikin - small pan
Pearlash - a baking powder-type substance made from ash
Race - a root
Saleratus - sodium bicarbonate ( baking soda)
Slack - moderate heat
Stive - to pack tightly
Tree Sweetnin' - maple syrup
Wallop - to boil, motion made by rapidly boiling



  1. Interesting terms Candice. I love old cookbooks. I have a copy of the Fannie Farmer cookbook. It's great for historical cooking terms and tidbits.

  2. These are some great words I need to remember! Thanks!


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