Thursday, May 30, 2013

I didn’t always have a great writing space in my house. My husband worked from home most of the time and the office was his domain. Therefore, most of The Well was written on the dining room table, in coffee shops, or while waiting on kids at guitar lessons or karate class.

Then, my husband moved out. Don’t worry, he still lives with us. But now he has a shiny new office in town and I have a whole room just for me. Of course it has the basics: a desk, a laptop, bookshelves overflowing with writing manuals and research books. But it also has four items that I’ve found make my writing days more (ahem) productive:

Kettlebells: Writing means sitting. Butt in Chair and Hands on Keyboard sometimes means atrophied muscles and a bottom that starts to resemble the contours of my office chair. My kettlebell is the antidote to mid-afternoon slump. About twenty swings and my heart rate skyrockets, my brain gets a jumpstart, and I’m ready to get back to work.

Kouch: Sometimes, the kettlebell doesn’t look all that appealing. Then, I convince myself that if I just stretch out on the couch, I can do my research more comfortably. Twenty minutes later, I wake up refreshed and ready to go back to my desk.

Kitties: Unless the three amigos of our household decide that they, too, are in need of a nap. Then they
A view from my office
climb up and start to purr, making it impossible to get back to work for at least an hour.

Kids: Of course, what writing den would be complete without kids? Especially in the summer, I’ll hear the door creak open and one of the girls will ask ‘what’s for lunch?’ Or my teenage boys will start band practice with their buddies. So when the vent beside me amplifies the cymbals crashing in the basement band room, I plug in my earbuds and get back to work.

Even with the less productive aspects of my office, nothing beats working at home—no commute, no dressing up, and I make my own hours. But here’s the best part: after I’ve done my research, pounded out my wordcount, and checked in on Facebook and Twitter, I can close that office door behind me, have lunch with my girls, and listen to the band.

Stephanie Landsem writes historical fiction because she loves adventure in far-off times and places. In real life, she’s explored ancient ruins, medieval castles, and majestic cathedrals around the world. Stephanie is equally happy at home in Minnesota with her husband, four children, and three fat cats.  When she’s not writing, she’s feeding the ravenous horde, avoiding housework, and dreaming about her next adventure—whether it be in person or on the page.

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