Monday, May 6, 2013

About this Feature: Writing letters to characters and/or authors is nothing new, but here's the twist: these letters will be all about borrowing, in keeping with our blog title. They can be funny or serious, sweet or sassy, short or more in-depth. My hope is that the letters will be entertaining or inspiring to read and will show appreciation to authors - and to the Lord for giving us creativity! (You can click the button and then scroll down to read previously posted letters.)

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Today's letter is for Jennifer E. Smith, author of The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight:

Dear Jennifer,

As I'm preparing to dive into edits for my WIP, I sure would love to borrow some of your creativity! It's so clever that The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight is set over a 24-hour time period. So many possibilities with that! And yet, your writing had to be so tight and confident and engaging to accomplish such a feat. I've had suggestions from an early reader about playing around with the timing of my WIP... "Time is funny stuff," as Hap says in the movie Always. You convey that so well in your book. :)

I also love your "balance" in the book. Familial relationships and romantic relationships...time together and time apart...the present and the past...sweetness and pain. All mixed just so. The whole story is so quirky and yet so true to life - very memorable, in that way. (It also struck a chord with me because of my own unexpected airport miracle.) It's great to read books like yours that inspire and stir the imagination. I'm hoping I've borrowed a bit of your imagination just through the reading experience. 

And might I add that your book's title is just plain awesome? 


You can purchase the book now at! 


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